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Welcome to our action vehicle page, We are often asked if we hire out our fleet & demonstrators and finally 

the reply you have been waiting for is yes, we do! We build emergency vehicles so who better to start hiring 

them out to frontline services and the Film & Television Industry than us?

We have our very own fleet of emergency vehicles called demonstrators that show the quality of our work in the 

lighting and preparation industry for the emergency sector, so you know our vehicles and the vehicles 

we source will be of the highest standards for any production.

Our vehicle coordinators are all very experienced and have a proven background within the film and tv industry. 

This makes us the go to service, and takes the hassle out of sourcing vehicles, Supporting Artists and even locations, 

as we can do it all for you at affordable prices that we promise wont be beaten.

We are told time and time again by clients that they did not expect the vehicles to look so real, and for us, 

that's exactly what we want. We believe in quality and attention to detail. 

We pride ourselves on making sure our vehicles are correct.

We believe that productions should get the same quality vehicles built by our

conversion company Blue Light Emergency Group who build real

emergency vehicles to keep our services going.


Emergency vehicle hire - Action vehicle hire - Prop hire - Lighting hire - Vehicle Signs - Emergency service Set dressing

we also supply SUPPORTING ARTISTS who are professionals within uniformed roles

Call or email us today for a competitive quote 

01483 323699
(option 2 for action vehicles)

OR 07767660249

[email protected]

Here is a small portion of what we have available